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Public Preparation – Biennale of Young Artists

Book presentation: March 31, 19.00

 Public Preparation – Biennale of Young Artists is a project book that is documenting, commenting and contextualising a series of lectures, presentations and discussions which constituted the publicly visible preparation process for the Biennale of Young Artists, Tallinn, 2007. The publication is largely based on the recordings of the presentations, workshops and seminars held in the course of Public Preparation project, but also features a number of articles written by the participants of Public Preparation events. The contributors range over different locations in Europe, with an important focus on the contemporary art in the region of former Eastern Europe.

The publication focuses on a set of questions related to the possibilities of critical art production in late capitalist society, mapping ideas that have been opened up for discussion over the Public Preparation process. Our focus has been on possible ideas of changing the dominant social reality through our activities as art professionals while situating ourselves between local and international contexts. What is the role of the international art community in negotiating the current state of the world we live in? How can we contribute to the making of a different future?

With essays by Rael Artel & Airi Triisberg, Annie Fletcher, Anders Härm, Virginija Januskeviciute & Dovile Tumpyte, Anna Lazar & Karol Sienkiewicz, Kamil Malinowski, Flavia Müller Medeiros, Marita Muukkonen, Simon Sheikh, Mara Traumane, and contributions by a number of project participants.

Editors: Rael Artel & Airi Triisberg
Graphic Design: Jaan Evart
Published by Public Preparation

ISBN: 978-9949-15-615-3
98 pages, in English
EUR 6.-

  Public Preparation started in February 2007 as a sequence of informal encounters which at the same time constituted the publicly visible preparation process of the Biennale of Young Artists (Oct 2007, Tallinn) as well as the course of preparing and educating the public for the Biennale. After the Biennale of Young Artists is over, Public Preparation continues as an international platform for knowledge-production and network-based communication in the field of contemporary art.

The publication Public Preparation – Biennale of Young Artists was generously supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

Public Preparation project has been supported by Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia; Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius; Contemporary Art Information Centre of Lithuanian Art Museum, Vilnius; Cultural Endowment of Estonia; Pärnu City Government; Pärnu Sütevaka Private High School of Humanities.


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